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A unique, two-man review site that provides both video and written reviews of premium, hand-rolled cigars and cigar accessories. We want to share our smoking experience with others, and develop friendships with others in the cigar community!
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Blind Cigar Review Herfs!
Jim and I were invited to be panelists
on the first ever Blind Cigar Review
Herf  hosted by the Cigar Sticks Alliance.
We were joined by Stefan and Shawn
who make up the Cigar Sticks Alliance,
as well as Scott, the maker of CigarKnub,
and  Nathan of A Cigars Tale. We enjoyed
getting to see and smoke with each other,
having only ever spoken through twitter before this.  Above is the entire herf  that Stefan posted to Youtube. Enjoy watching, and I will have a written review up soon!